With my help you will find the Theory and Hazard Perception Test easy to pass, and I'll also take you through the Vehicle Safety Checks.

Next you might like to take a Mock test - these are really useful in helping us decide when you will be ready for the real thing. I will tell you everything you need to know about the driving test, exploding some common myths so you know what the test is really all about.
You will be taking the test in the same car that you practiced in and although you may feel a little wary of the prospect, you can be sure that you have been taught to the highest standard and possess all the skills that you need to pass confidently.

Theory Test
This consists of both a multiple choice questionnaire and a Hazard Perception Test. The 50 question exam tests your knowledge of the Highway Code and general road safety whilst the HPT is designed to test your awareness of potential dangers that the modern day driver can be faced with.
I will explain exactly how the test works and I'll offer as much help and support as you need.